Transformers TCG – Wave 5 – Titan Masters Attack – Booster Display Box


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The next Transformers: The Card Game booster set, Titan Masters Attack, introduces new characters, mechanics, and a new type of card to the game. There are 46 new character cards in the Titan Masters Attack series, 43 of which have never appeared in Transformers: TCG.

The Titan Masters Attack sealed boxes all contain a Fortress Maximus pack with his card, head character Cerebros, and Cerebros’ head character Emissary.

All Titan Master characters have separate bodies and heads. “Head characters give bonuses to the body, and when the body is KOed, the head deploys as a separate bot mode character.” There’s no rule on which cards have to be used together, meaning you’re free to “mix and match heads and bodies” for your own playstyle.

The upcoming Sratagem Cards also change up the game, letting you “further customize characters” on your teams. The cards are “keyed to a specific character card and cost stars,” allowing you to modify a character “in an interesting (and sometimes unusual!) way.” Stratagems also work with previously released cards, so you can start reworking and improving your existing decks with these new types.

  • Titan Master Characters: Mix and match heads and bodies to customize Titan Masters to fit your playstyle.
  • The Wreckers: The fan-favorite Autobot special-forces team make their debut in Titan Masters Attack. Led by Sergeant Kup, the Wreckers get the toughest jobs done, no matter what the cost.
  • Stratagem Cards: This completely new card type lets players customize characters on their team.
  • Fortress Maximus: Every sealed Titan Masters Attack booster display includes a Fortress Maximus Titan pack.

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