Runewars – Lord Vorun’thul


Release date: TBA
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Mindless monsters are not the only thing to emerge from the terrifying Mistlands of Mennara. In hushed whispers, many speak of ancient vampires, creeping from the mist to hunt those unlucky enough to find themselves on the edges of Waiqar’s domain.

Lord Vorun was a renowned defender of the land and a knight of unquestionable honor. When his liege swore allegiance to Waiqar the Undying, Vorun was faced with a choice. Torn between his duty to Terrinoth and his oath of fealty, Vorun chose to trust in the wisdom of his master and continue his service despite his misgivings, and so the lord of House Ammanas joined the other great nobles of Bilehall in a fateful ritual that transformed them all into undead horrors. Upon realizing the full truth of what he had done, Vorun was overcome with shame and self-loathing, and he found himself unable to tolerate any reminder of his lost honor. He turned upon the lesser nobles and servitors of his house and hunted them down one by one, forcing them to join him in service to Waiqar.

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