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Centuries have passen and the world is at war again in the year 2210. Battles are fought on Earth, below the ocean and on the moon. Humans do not fight themselves, but let mechanical soldiers  slug it out. When the smoke clears only one winner will emerge.

The difference with the original Risk is that 2210AD allows players to win the game in 5 turns. That seems fast, but let us assure you, it is not. By adding energy as an important component, captains, MOD’s, action cards and an 8-sided die Risk 2210AD will fill you evenings with fun. Players get less turns, but on the other hand each turn allows for more action. Gathering armies for ever, going to battle and loosing armies again is not a working tactic for Risk 2210AD. You will need to make tactical decisions ans start your conquest as fast as possible! Be courageous when needed, but also be careful.

You can also play classic Risk with Risk 2210AD! Of course, you don’t play with the moon and ocean parts when you do that. There will also not be any assignments, but everyone has the same goal: Conquer the World!

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