PACIFIC RIM EXTINCTION – Hakuja – Kaiju Expansion

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Hakuja is a living tank, one of the most difficult Kaiju to take out with armour that defends against attacks from the front or behind. Even if your enemies manage to get through your armour they will have to deal with gouts of molten blood dealing the damage right back! Hakuja is the perfect choice for players that need an anvil for their team, a Kaiju that smashes building after building, never slowing and never stopping.

Hakuja’s armour and siege strikes are not what set it apart from other Kaiju, however. Its true skill lies within it’s unique burrow ability that allows it to leave the board altogether. Choose where to emerge, will it be behind an unsuspecting Jaeger or a mission-critical building? Wherever Hakuja goes, you can be sure he will shake things up.


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