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  • In the style of true zombie horror flicks, this deck is about offense, offense, offense. There’s no way to get rid of artifacts, no way to get rid of enchantments. Just keep sending those zombies in to rend your opponent’s flesh until there’s nothing left to chew on or there’s nothing left to chew with.
  • Use a Zombie Master with Evil Presence to make your army of undead unstoppable. Then grind your opponent into his grave with Phyrexian Boons and Feasts of the Unicorn.
  • Once you’ve got a lot of mana, plop down the Oath of Lim-Dul to accelerate your card-drawing so you can get zombies out every turn. However, if your opponent is using a lot of direct damage, you may want to hold back on casting the Oath.
  • Unless you really need the extra creatures, don’t put more than one Zombie Master into play at a time. Their effects aren’t cumulative, and if you need to fire off a Pestilence or Gangrenous Zombie, you don’t want to lose all your lords.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Lake of the Dead and Dark Rituals for a huge Pestilence to end the game. So what if the damage is enough to kill you and your opponent — You were already dead to begin with…

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