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  • Nothing, and we mean nothing, is more dangerous than an unstable faerie. Just drop one of the li’l fellas out, and on your next turn, slap as many Unstable Mutations on his butt as you can. Then just watch the most frightening Scryb Sprite on the planet go to work.
  • The Willow Priestess is doubly neat. Not only can she bring out surprise faeries on your opponent’s turn (as surprise blockers or to get a faerie ready for a next-turn attack without tying up your mana), but that li’l protection-from-black stunt she’s capable of can put a big hurtin’ on Pestilence, Terror, Drain Life or some other Black rudeness
  • Don’t forget about the special abilities of the faeries in this deck. Aside from the above Willow Priestess/protection-from-black trick, block even the mightiest mechanical monstrosities with the Argothian Pixie’s “Protection from Artifact Creatures” and stymie a Shivan with the Sea Sprite’s protection from red.
  • Combine Pendelhaven with the land that Forbidden Lore enchant, and watch a 1/1 faerie become an instant 4/4 Sengir killer. Hey…make it a 4/4 Sengir killer with protection from black, thanks to the helping hand from the Willow Priestess! Take that, Vampire boy!
  • You’ve only got two Power Sinks, so save ’em for something nasty like Pyroclasm, Balance or Wrath of God

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