Crazy Planet – Star Wars – Episode I – 25-32



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Issued in Europe in 1999, these stickers are a fun collectible. The stickers were sold in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, and perhaps in other European countries as well. I am not familiar with the Crazy Gum brand from previous Star Wars promotions, but according to at least one source, the company that makes this gum is located in Spain. They do not seem to be the same company that does Chupa Chups Stickers.

This gum comes in two sizes. A smaller sized sticker was issued with bazooka-sized gum. There are 24 small crazy gum stickers. In addition, “Mega” stickers were also issued in a set of 32. When purchasing Mega sized gum, you also received 2 of the mini stickers in each pack. The Mega stickers came with larger pieces of gum, with 4 stickers in a pack along with 2 pieces of gum (with the smaller stickers wrapped around this gum). There were 8 wrapper variations, each wrapper featuring a character.

The smaller sized gum was sold on the counter in a box that contained 200 pieces of gum. Stores were also apparently given a number of small sheets to give to customers who were buying the gum. This sheet had a space background, as well as places to stick each of the 24 stickers.

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