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Dr. Eric Solomon’s Conspiracy debuted in 1973.

It featured a cool spy theme and truly unique game mechanics. Players took the role of agencies, using freelance agents to bring the briefcase to their headquarters to win the game. But you never controlled the agents, only paying off your limited resources to try and gain the upper hand against your opponents. It appeared in a few different forms and was recommended for the Spiel des Jahres in 1991 — the last edition to see print until now.

The new version keeps the spy theme and the unique “hidden control” mechanic but offers our usual bevy of modern touches:

  • Spiffy new components, including heavy plastic, screen printed movers.
  • Stunning artwork by the award-winning Matt Griffin.
  • Agent powers that add another layer of strategy.
  • An alternate endgame trigger to eliminate stalemates.

The game will head straight to retail following it’s release at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH on June 12. The game plays 2-4 and takes 30-60 minutes to finish.

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