Burger Tokens – Perfect Fit Deckboxes for Unsleeved Keyforge Decks



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These boxes are custom sized to perfectly fit unsleeved keyforge decks.

They are made with a crystal clear, 12mil plastic that really does a great job of protecting and organizing your cards at an affordable price.

These deck boxes for sleeved cards have been tested with the following brands which represent the extreme ends of the spectrum for height, width, and thickness:

  • Dragon Shield
  • Ultra Pro Eclipse
  • Fantasy Flight Games Sleeves

Each box was specifically designed to open from either end. When you close the flap, you’ll hear a nice “snap” sound to let you know that it’s securely closed. It opens easily with your fingers, but it won’t open up unless you shake it like really hard like a crazy person.

Sleeved box dimensions:
68.2mm x 97.2mm x 27.1mm

Unsleeved box dimensions:
64.8mm x 90.6mm x 14.7mm


*Deck not included 🙂

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