Betrayal At House On The Hill


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A house on a hill filled with ghosts, frightening spirits and…. betrayal. In Betrayal at House on The Hill you will investigate a haunted house and head towards a terrible faith.
Build a unique haunted house every time by placing rooms and tiles. Then choose a character (you can choose between twelve mysterious personalities) and start the adventure. Investigate the haunted house, in which one player is a traitor. With fifty different scenarios, making the game different each time you play. You will never play the same game twice with Betrayal at House on the Hill! Will you manage to exorcise the ghosts? Or will you be betrayed by one of the other players?


  • 1 Secrets of Survival Guide
  • 1 Traitor’s Tome Guide
  • 45 room tiles
  • Over 100 tokens
  • 6 painted plastic figures
  • 6 double-sided character cards
  • 80 cards (Event, Omen and Item decks)
  • Dice
  • Rules

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