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Get every new Investigator Expansion that releases for Arkham Horror LCG, automatically, as soon as it releases, at an 11% discount!

Order your subscription by checking out with this product, then we will charge and ship all future Arkham Horror LCG Campaign Expansions, at 11% discount from our regular price plus shipping, automatically on release. Due to the varying nature in pricing of the supplemental products, we can not put a set price on this!

As a Living Card Game, Arkham Horror LCG offers frequent releases of products.

In the Arkham Horror universe, the Roaring Twenties aren’t quite how we remember them. There are flappers and jazz, plus Prohibition, bootleggers, and mobsters. But there are stranger things, as well. People have gone missing. Others have reported sightings of indescribable creatures. And the very air thickens with a sense of foreboding, passing through the streets like an evil mist. The Ancient Ones are stirring…

Supplemental products are stand-alone expansions such as stand-alone scenarios and return-to boxes for example.

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