Android Netrunner LCG – Council of the Crest

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“This structure will be a sign to the world of the rising might of Africa. We are not to be trifled with.”
–Madam Olatunji, Nigeria Federation Prime Minister

Atop the rippling crystal of Lake Victoria sits the skeleton of a second beanstalk. Trade and tourism thrive within the fertile crescent as the Sub-Saharan League, a unity of nations in the midst of an economic and cultural renaissance, works tirelessly to construct the new link between the world of dirt and the limitless expanse. Though determination and focus breed peace within the region, those on the edge wish to disrupt the architecture—for personal profit and political vendetta.

Council of the Crest introduces three copies of twenty new cards to the world of Android: Netrunner, focusing on the main educational institution of the Sub-Saharan League, the efforts to build a second space elevator, and the conspiracies and corporate subterfuge that underline both. In this pack, you will find a powerful new virus, a pair of dueling current events, a brand new NBN identity, and much more.

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