Publishing Guest Posts or Advertising with us

We get a lot of requests for placing guest posts or articles from companies, individuals or other small businesses. Therefore we have compiled this list of requirements, costs and options. Got any questions about blogposting, feel free to contact us through the contact page, by email or using the form below.

Guest Posting

We offer the following rates and conditions for placing guest posts:

  • We charge €25 per article (per website)
  • Article must be on topic for the website (gaming related, pop-culture, toy collecting, trading cards)
  • Any images used must be properly licensed for use on our website
  • English or Dutch language articles only
  • Maximum of 2 links will be do-follow
  • Articles will stay online as long as Good Look Gamer is in business
  • Payment possible via PayPal, bank transfer (preferred) or Stripe

Link Insertion

If you’re just looking for a quality backlink, without the troubles of writing your own post, we offer you the possibility for link insertion on any of our websites.

For link insertion we offer the following rates and conditions:

  • No-Follow Link: €10
  • Do-Follow Link: €15
  • Linked web page must be on topic for the website (gaming related, pop-culture, toy collecting, etc..)
  • English or Dutch language sites only
  • We will work with you to decide which of our pages is most suited for your link
  • Link will stay online as long as Good Look Gamer is in business
  • Payment possible via PayPal, bank transfer (preferred) or Stripe

Our websites

We currently have 4 websites available, each within a specific niche

  • GoodLookGamer.com – Main site selling current games and collectibles. English language.
  • VintageCCG.com – Specializing in out of print Collectible Card Games. English language.
  • Plaatj.es – A Dutch-language website about new technologies, gadgets and home automation
  • Ontsnapthuis.nl – A Dutch-language blog about Escape Room, Detective and Murder Mystery games you can play at home

We also have the following websites in development. To be released in the course of 2021:

  • KeyforgeMarket.com – An international marketplace, specializing in one game: Keyforge and all accessories and related items.
  • CCG.singles – A marketplace for buying/selling/trading modern TCG’s, such as Digimon or Flesh&Blood

Social Media

For an extra fee of €10 per channel we will also shout out your guest post on our social media channels, with up to 3 hashtags or @ mentions of your choosing, an image and a link to the post of course.

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google Merchant page
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Email Newsletter

We have channels available for Good Look Gamer and the Vintage CCG’s websites.


We will host your give-away for free! Just send us the product and tell us something about it and yourself. Don’t forget to mention when to run the give-away (start/end dates) and what the requirements are to win!

Translation Service

We also offer a translation service, the rate for translation is €5 per 500 words. We will translate any gaming-related content for you; rule-books, localize your gaming app, blog-posts, youtube content, etc..

Stock Photo Service

For a small extra fee we can also take care of the stock photography or illustrations needed for your post. We will take care of proper licensing and depending on your needs will either use royalty-free images, paid stock images or custom photography/illustrations.

Flyer or advertisement insertion in shipments

We will add your coupons, flyers or other physical advertisement goods to our shipments. For a rate of €0,08 per flyer/card, with a minimum of 350. For larger physical objects, feel free to shoot us a message.

We make thousands of shipments per month to our customers; most of these are trading/ccg cards shipped in an envelope. This is of course ideal for adding flyers/coupons/promo-cards or business-cards.

Contact us with your inquiries about guest posts or advertising