Today Good Look Gamer is proud to announce their very own special Customer Loyalty Rewards program. Setting up the store for you to save more while you buy more!!

How does it work? Very simple! There are 9 tiers of rewards, each allowing for a % discount on every order.

Make sure you register your account and all your orders will automatically be counted towards your reward. Rewards will be automatically added on check-out!

You can view your reward level from the My Account page. Check out the table below to find out how much discount is awarded to each level.

Reward LevelDiscountHow much to spent to achieve this level
Level 100%€0 – €49,99
Level 20.5%€50 – €99,99 
Level 31%€100 – €199,99
Level 41,5%€200 – €299,99
Level 52%€300 – €499,99
Level 62,5%€500 – €999,99
Level 73%€1000 – €1999,99
Level 84%€2000 – €4999,99
Level 95%€5000 and more 🙂