Welcome to Rathe bought out by unknown investor

Channel Fireball announced it sold all its stock for the Welcome to Rathe alpha edition of the popular new tcg Flesh & Blood.

Singles prices for alpha and first edition cards have been skyrocketing for a while now, with limited supplies and investors expecting enormous growth in the market for this game.

Currently prices seem to be going down though. Due to the release of the unlimited editions of the first expansions a lot of new stock has hit the market, giving people who just want to play the game finally a option to do so in a financially sustainable way. What the release of the unlimited edition of the products will do long term to the prices of the alpha and first edition has yet to be seen. One investors seems to think there is growth, judging by the buy-out.

Buy-outs historically drives up prices of products. As the stock on the market suddenly crashes, people scramble to get their hands on the last available units, driving up the price while even more limiting the market. The question remains; is this a bubble or will it sustain?

Current playerbase concerns about this buyout a rising; what will the effect be on the unlimited print runs, will the game become pay-to-win, how does LSS (the developer and publisher of FAB) think of this? All valid questions, which only time will answer, as LSS has not officially responded to the buy-out yet. They might be pulling a WotC here, by not acknowledging the secondary market..

My personal concern is, why did CF decide to sell all their inventory anyway? If FaB is such a great investment, they could just keep some stock for themselves as “investment”. Either CF is not telling the entire truth and is indeed keeping some boxes for themselves, are they expecting the bubble to burst soon, do they not have any faith in this product, or are they just looking for a cash-injection in this troubled corona-fueled time?

What are you thoughts? Just let them know in the comments below!


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