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Announcing our new content-creators support program.

We are a small webshop, with limited product availability and a limited budget. This is partly by choice, but also partly because we don’t have a big-store budget 🙂 As a small company we understand what it feels like starting up, it’s hard to get a foothold in this landscape filled with big names.

Therefore we have decided to set aside a monthly budget to support the small content creators.

Would you like to create for us? Just send us a message with the form below outlining your plans and you might end up to be our next star!

What kind of content are we talking about? This can be anything gaming related, ranging from a video explaining the significance of cheese in historic CCG’s to an article about Cthulhu fighting Godzilla to a podcast review of a boardgame, and anything in between this.

Where does the content need to be hosted? It is up to you. If you want to write a strategy guide on your personal blog or would prefer publishing a critique about the component quality of a game on our blog, we leave that choice up to you.

What’s the catch?

Not much actually. Like said, we have a limited budget per month so don’t expect us to sponsor a complete studio for you to film you stop-motion lego boardgame movies in. We could however sponsor some legos 🙂

We do expect a quality link back to our website for externally hosted content. A shout-out on social media would be nice too, but not required at all.

When you prefer hosting your step-by-step guide to painting monopoly gaming pieces to be hosted on our site, we will ofcourse place a link back to your website/youtube channel/social media/etc.. and give some shout outs on our Insta, Twitter and Facebooks

What will you sponsor?

We will not be sponsoring any moneys, sorry. Instead we offer to send you products, which can be anything from games for reviews to maybe some hardware piece you need for your studio or some cool shirts to wear in your video production. Just let us know what you need, and we will figure something out with you.

How to get sponsored?

Fairly simple actually, just fill out this form and we will contact you to work it out with you!





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