MTG Rumors! Shandalar: Island in the Mist

An unconfirmed image has been leaked putting down the (Spring?) set for 2022 already. If the image turns out to be legitimate we will be visiting Shandalar.

It might seem too early for this kind of stuff to even exist, but keep in mind that WotC usually takes 3 to 5 years for developing, while worldbuilding happens even further in advance. It wouldn’t be surprising if things like set names and symbols are determined well before release, even just for marketing and production as well as internal use.

Supporting this leak’s validity is ofcourse the newly introduced Amphin themed cards from Commander Legends, despite the Amphins carrying the Salamander creature subtype.

Commander Legends also brought us the Fin-Clade Fugitives bearing the salamander sub-type. So it could just as well be that Wizards decided to add a salamander tribal support to the game. I guess we’ll see how many new salamanders will show up in the next upcoming sets!

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