MTG – Commanders vs. Automatons Ultimate Face-Off

Recently posted about my own Magic: The Gathering format called Funbox and now I decided to take it a step further by setting up a bracket to face off my commander decks against automated decks.

I own 5 commander decks, and only have 3 available automated decks available at this time. So I added the Elves deck from Elves vs. Inventors and my mono-black Pauper deck as extra automatons.

I will be covering the matches via my Vintage CCG twitter account, and already had 2 matches so far with Kunoros beating the Hydra in an exciting match, while Ghave got his mossy ass handed to him by Xenagos in a measly 30 minutes! Here’s the score so far.

If you are interested in the matches you can find the twitter threads here:


Next up will be Nethroi aka Biollante vs. Elves (from Elves vs. Inventors duel decks)

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