Marvel Champions upcoming releases rumors and leaks

Various future releases for Marvel Champions LCG have been leaked a while back by a retailer who posted an Asmodee Toy and Gift catalog on their Facebook page. So far the listings from this catalog turn out to be true up until the Venom Hero Pack. So I am assuming the rest will also be true, even though FFG never confirmed it 😉

So, that means Titan’s Shadow is next to be announced; rumors have it that this one will feature Thanos, which seems quite plausible after all the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Collector stuff. The pricing would indicate this to be another big box expansions like Galaxy’s Most Wanted and Red Skull Rising.

After that we see some more Guardians and Avengers related stuff, although The Hood seems a bit out of place here (maybe I’m missing a major Marvel plot featuring The Hood and the Avengers?)

Next up is another big box called Sinister Motives, which can either point to Mr.Sinister or the Sinister Six. I doubt it will be Mr.Sinister, since we will have ZERO X-Men related content before that. I strongly believe there will be some Sinister Six shenanigans contained in that set. After that it’s to be expected there will be some Spiderman related heroes..or maybe, we finally move on to X-Men or Fantastic Four?

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