Marvel Champions: LCG – Wasp Spoilers

Thanks to a mistake by Amazon, some people got their Wasp packs a month early! Which makes me wonder how they can already have it in stock a month before release, while me as a small store owner can consider myself lucky to have the product in hands on release day..Anyway, here is the decklist:

Hero Cards

  • AntMan
  • 2x Giant Help
  • 3x Pinpoint Strike
  • 2x Rapid Growth
  • 2x Wasp Sting
  • 2x Pym Particles
  • Red Room Training
  • Bio-Synthetic Wings
  • Wasp’s Helmet

Aggression Aspects

  • Thor
  • Wasp
  • 3x Into the Fray
  • 3x Surprise Attack
  • 2x The Power of Aggression
  • 3x Boot Camp
  • 3x Lie in Wait

Basic Cards

  • Ironheart
  • Spider-Man
  • Swarm Tactics
  • Enerygy
  • Genius
  • Strength
  • 2x The Power in all of Us
  • Quincarrier

Obligation Cards

  • Red Dreams

Nemesis Set

  • Mother’s Orders
  • Beetle
  • Beetle Armor MK IV
  • 2x Beetle Mania


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