Making Money Part 5 – New Domain

Yes, we finally did it. We got our own domain:

I managed to earn enough cash the past few weeks to do some of the investments I wanted to do. Mostly thanks to small jobs at Fiverr, but also through a sale of games on this website and other things.

Here is a small breakdown of my earnings

  • Fiverr: $212 (and $141,60 pending payout)
  • GLG: €39,75
  • EyeEm: $2
  • RedBubble: €0.20

Grand total: +/- €/$ 395

Well it’s a start 🙂

Here’s some of the stuff I invested in:

  • Some retro NES/Coleco games
  • A few Skylander figurines (very very cheap!)
  • A product photo booth of 60x60x60, including lamps
  • Domain Name
  • Custom Art for on the GLG Website
  • Got 2 articles written for on the GLG Website
  • Logo Design
  • Website Template bought from Envato

All in all, I think I played even so far. Let’s see how fast we can turn this undertaking into a profitable one.

Next plans:

  • Registration at the chamber of commerce
  • Getting a Thuiswinkel Waarborg
  • Starting advertising campaigns (Google and Facebook? Not sure yet. Tips are welcome in the comments section)
  • Buying a 3D printer
  • Finding wholesalers to supply me stuffs!
  • Starting more webshops (eventually :))



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