Make Some Money Online – Part 4 – TESTING

I recently received my first order from this site. That is, someone attempted to make an order and couldn’t check-out because I had not made shipping options available for his country /faceslap.

Luckily, this potential e-mailed me about the problem.I could not thank him enough, so I sent him a thank you not with a coupon-code as soon as I fixed my mistake.

Afterwards I spent 3 hours adding shipping options for all available countries, with the help of the dutch PostNL shipping calculator.  And a catch-all shipping option for all other available places on earth. So if you want your Magic: The Gathering cards shipped to the bottom of the ocean, no problem!

I also got the idea that it would be nice if I could track shopping carts, to see if and when people abandon their purchases. For this I found a nice plugin, which also automatically sends an e-mail after a set amount of time when someone abandons his cart.

Lessons Learned

If you are looking to start your own online shop, don’t be a fool like me. Test the important parts of the website, which is the complete check-out and payment process, You don’t want to loose customers because they get frustrated from your booboo’s!


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