I made this more than 20 years ago

Note: This article appeared in Dutch originally on my other site, Plaatj.es.

24 years ago I was experimenting with AMOS on my Amiga 600, and this was the first game I built. I uploaded it to Aminet, a network of websites and mirrors containing a huge library of free software for Amiga systems.

By accident I ran into this youtube video. The video both excited me, and peaked my interest if other old projects of mine were still floating around the internet somewhere. A quick Google search helped me remember my old email address, and the address helped me find back my long lost uploads to Aminet.

LHA was for the Amiga what ZIP and RAR are to the pc currently.


3 programs made using AMOS. 2 dopey games featuring AndrĂ© v.Duijn and Jacques D’Ancona and something with floating heads..

Morbith 1

A small collection of images I made together with my friend MB.

My Workbench

It used to be a trend to upload your personal settings and icons on your workbench to Aminet. I participated đŸ™‚


Pressman was my username 24 years ago, inspired by the Primus song. In this archive you will find a collection of art I made using my Amiga 600 and 1200

Pressman 2

More art!

Pressman SEUCK

SEUCK, the acronym for Shoot’Em Up Construction Kit. I seem to have experimented with this tool for building shoot’m ups.

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