How does Card Rarity work in Flesh and Blood TCG?

Update 08-06-2021: Added information about the Flesh and Blood: Monarch limited and unlimited edition cards and how to tell them apart from eachother!

There’s already different editions of sets, many different types of rarity, and also different types of foils in Flesh&Blood TCG. If you are looking for a guide on rarity, foils and how to know which expansion set a card is from in FAB TCG, your search is over. In this article you will learn everything there is to know!

What sets are available for Flesh & Blood TCG?

Ok, easy..here’s a list..

  • Armory Kits – Season 1
  • Welcome to Rathe – Alpha
  • Arcane Rising – 1st Edition
  • Ira Welcome Deck
  • Armory Kits – Season 2
  • Crucible of War
  • Welcome to Rathe – Unlimited
  • Arcane Rising – Unlimited
  • Armory Kits – Season 3
  • Armory Kit Prism
  • Monarch – Blitz Decks
  • Monarch – 1st Edition
  • Monarch – Unlimited Edition

Upcoming sets

  • Kingdoms
  • Crucible of War – Unlimited

How to recognize sets for Flesh and Blood TCG

You can tell if a card is from Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising by looking at the rarity symbol, as it was reworked for Crucible of War and the Unlimited reprints. Any cards that have the coloured rarity symbol before the card code (unsure if this is also the case for promos) will be from Unlimited print runs or post Crucible of War 1st Edition. The Alpha / 1st Edition prints of WTR and ARC will have the rarity behind the code at the bottom of the card. Furthermore, the year for the copyright on the Alpha / 1st Edition prints of WTR and ARC will be 2019, while unlimited will be 2020. Lastly, the unlimited editions of WtR and Arc have a coloured bubble behind the rarity letter at the bottom.

The card code at the bottom of a card starts with a 3-letter code, which represents the set the card is part of. So you will not find expansion symbols like in for example Magic or Pokémon.

For Monarch they added a clear marker so you can tell the 1st Edition and Unlimited Edition apart. When you see a rarity symbol in a solid circle, it means you have a 1st Edition Flesh and Blood Monarch card in your hands (Congrats!), however when the circle is open it means you are holding an unlimited edition card (still congrats!)

Talking about rarity

Let’s take a look at the Flesh & Blood card rarities themselves:

  1. Common – 12 per booster pack
  2. Token – 1 per pack
  3. Rare – 1 per pack
  4. Super rare – about 1 in 6 packs
  5. Majestic – approximately 1 in 12 packs
  6. Legendary – approximately 1 in 96 packs
  7. Fabled – at least 1 in every 960 packs

What types of foils in FAB TCG?

There are 2 types of foils;

  • Cold foils; Which are for weapons and equipment cards, cold foil cards have a silverish glint on parts of the card, usually on the item displayed in the artwork and on the border.
  • Rainbow foils; Which you will find on other cards.

There exist also cold foil hero cards, these are so far only obtainable through special events (apart from the shapeshifter card in Crucible of War). Which means they are actually rarer than legendaries.

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  1. So if I’m correct rainbow foil is just normal foil? I bought an arcane rising booster and got a vest of the first fist foil, so foil=rainbow foil?

    1. Yes, that is correct 🙂

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