Ever heard of OpenBazaar?

OpenBazaar is a decentralized marketplace where you can buy, sell, trade anything you wish for money or bitcoins.

It works by installing a small client, a sort of webbrowser on your computer. With this client you can immediately start your own webshop or you can browse around products from all over the world using various filtering and search options.

Browsing around I noticed some low pricing for items, and high shipping costs. This also happens a lot on eBay, and really should be fixed as it falsely lets someone believe he’s making a bargain deal.


Anyhow, a shop is free to set it’s own shipment rates..


Openbazaar lets you pay for your products using Bitcoin. It’s all safe. No worries about fraud or like that, since there is the possibility of using a moderator during the transactions.


Good Look Gamer on OpenBazaar

We embrace any opportunity to spread the tabletop-gaming gospel, so Good Look Gamer is busy setting up shop on OpenBazaar. Go look us up!

Don’t worry about those shipment rates, we set them up exactly the same as our usual rates 🙂



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