Elephant #storytime – Want to buy a #banana?

Elephant selling illegal bananasEdgar the Elephant was pretty hard to miss around town. He was the largest animal I had ever seen and that’s saying something. As a mouse, pretty much everyone is bigger than little me. Edgar was a grand mystery. My whiskers would twitch every time he walked by, curious what he had under his big, black coat and sunglasses.
“Don’t you go bothering Mr. Edgar, Missy.” said my mother. I smiled at her. I wasn’t intending to bother Mr. Edgar at all. I put on my little straw hat, a purple flower tucked into the brim and went out into the city to explore. I hoped that I would see Edgar along the way.
The animals of our city were mostly friendly. We would wave to each other and Mrs. Hummingbird always had some candy for me. She was good at finding the sweetest things. In fact, I was sitting on the curb, eating some nectar candy when the ground began to rumble. It meant that a big animal was coming! I hopped up, pushing back the brim of my hat to see. It was Edgar the Elephant.
He strolled down the center of the street, each footstep sending the little stones rumbling. He walked with his hands in the pockets of his large coat. His eyes were hidden behind the dark sunglasses. He looked so cool! After he passed, I skipped off the curb and followed behind him. I ran over and jumped up, grabbing the edge of his coat. I hung onto the hem, slipping inside one of the button holes for a better grip.
The buildings grew taller as we left the part of town where the smaller animals lived. The towers were even bigger than Edgar and even the giraffes! I looked up in awe. My nose wrinkled. I never realized before how sweet Edgar the Elephant smelled. Maybe it was something in his coat?
We turned down another street and the fronts of the buildings were covered in vines. I could hear colorful birds singing their songs, each competing to be the next biggest hit. Maybe one of them would visit Mrs. Hummingbird’s shop and sing for all of us? I looked up at Edgar’s face. His trunk swung back and forth with each step and he was smiling. We must be getting close to wherever he was going. I looked up at the vines that gave way to trees growing from the sides of the buildings.
“Hey! Edgar! Over here!” I turned my head as Edgar’s trunk swished above my ears. It was a monkey! He was wearing a dark coat too, and a pair of sunglasses that matched Edgar’s. “Did you get them?”
Edgar reached down to open his coat and I hopped off. Hanging from the inside were bananas! So many bananas! “You want to buy some?” he asked the monkey. The monkey nodded and bought two. I hopped back into Edgar’s coat as we continued down the street.
“Psst! Want to buy some bananas?” Edgar said to one monkey after another. A few monkeys came over, but some turned up their noses.
“What’s with the bananas, Edgar?” I asked, climbing up on his shoulder after he’d sold all his bananas.
“The monkey mayor marked up the price of bananas. So, I bring some instead.”
“That’s pretty cool of you Edgar!” I said, patting the side of his big head.
He smiled. “Let’s go get some more bananas.”

This wonderful story is written by the lovely Aceraven via Fiverr. Illustration by Dennis Michels

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