MTG Rumors! Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Update 08-05-2021: In addition to more mainstream suffixes (e.g. com/org/net), WOTC has recently started registering .gg domains for upcoming sets, apparently starting in late 2019 with Kaldheim. WOTC has registered .gg variants, none of which were registered by proxy, but by WotC itself directly! Kamigawa Neon Dynasty has "Wizards of the Coast" as its listed registrant...
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MTG Rumors! Innistrad Werewolves

13-02-2021: Packing images have leaked for the Innistrad sets to be released in Q4 of 2021. It appears there are 3 different sets, so I am expecting these to be tests and the designs are not final yet. The Japanese name is 真夜中の狩猟, same as the previously rumoured name “Midnight Hunt”. It is fairly sure that…

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MTG Rumors! Strixhaven

Update 12-02-2021: As we're slowly approaching the release of Strixhaven, more and more tidbits about the set are being leaked, released and speculated on. Therefor a small update with the latest news surrounding this set It is become know that Strixhaven will be the Commander 2021 set, thanks to this post on Reddit Strixhaven to feature...
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