About my Momir Basic Cube

Momir Basic is a Magic: The Gathering format originating from Magic Online. It evolved around the Vanguard card for Momir Vigg, which states X, discard a card: Put a random token copy creature of mana value X into play. This is something that works excellent in an online format as basically the entire cardpool from all of Magic’s history is at your disposal. Offline this is impossible ofcourse, so we need to make concessions; in this case I limited the card pool to 600 creatures curated for synergy and usability.

Since every creature in play will be a token creature it will disappear from the game automatically when returned to hand, shuffled back in deck, put in the graveyard or exiled. So I purposely tried to stay away from reanimator effects and other graveyard shenanigans as much as possible, also tutors and other sorts of put creature card into play from hand type of things are also avoided as much as possible.

For a full list of the Momir Basic cube you can check out my Google Sheets

So, how do you play?

Each player brings a deck of 60 basic lands and 1 Momir Vanguard card. There never was an official Momir Vannguard made in print-form. If you perform a Google search you will find plenty of these to print out, ofcourse I also prepared a print-ready version for you to download or a template to create your own Vanguard cards

The game proceeds as normal. During your turn you can play a land, activate effects, normal phases pass, etc. During your turn you can activate Momir’s ability to put a random card from the cube into play.

There are no instants, sorceries or other permanent types other than creatures or lands available in this game mode. And due to the randomness involved in which creature will appear, this can make for some funny and janky moments.

This Magic format is suitable for a pod of 2 to 4 players, where you battle it out n a free-for-all battle, last man standing wins.



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