Best Keyforge deck names so far..

So, I guess you already heard about Fantasy Flight Games recalling decks with unfortunate names and all wild speculation surrounding the why…

What were the unfortunate names? A few popped up here and there. We compiled a list of the best ones we found on various social media so far. Got anything to add to this list? Feel free to leave a comment or email us at info@goodlookgamer.com

1. Too many Zyzzix

OK, so not racist or depraved in any way, just funny though ?

There were so many Zyzzix they started to spill over to other houses.

2. A thirsty one

I can only agree with his vouch


4.ok,this one is not OK..

5.this just cannot be coincidence

6.this is just sheer kindness


8.this might be a friend of the emperor

9. A racist farmer..

10. The real villain here is the one that buried the Porridge!

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