All Magic the Gathering: Commander Legends Spoilers – Updated on August 23rd 2020

Commander Legends is the most anticipated Magic set of 2020. In this post we will try to list all spoilers we can find sorted by categories, and ofcourse filled with images of all available art so far!

Set Properties

Main Set

  • Release date: November 6th 2020
  • Set Size: 361 cards
  • No basic lands
  • 165 new cards
    • 71 brand new legends
    • 41 new monocolored partners (including Piper)
    • 30 new Non Partner 2/3 color legends
  • NOT a fixed print run


  • 32 Legendary reprints

Product types/Availability

  • Boosters of 20 cards
    • 2 Legends + Foil in each pack
  • Collector Boosters
  • 2 Preconstructed Commander decks
    • Each comes with 3 unique cards not found in boosters
  • Will be available for multiplayer on MTGO

Mechanics and Rules

  • Draft decksize will be 60 cards including lands and commander(s)
  • Duplicate cards allowed
  • 3 returning mechanics + 1 new
  • Returning mechanics: Partner – Monocolored this time!
  • Prismatic Piper has rarity Special and is always available as a commander to pick from a readily available stack (just like lands)
    • Found approximately 1 in 6 packs
  • Crowdlands – Enemy Colors
    • WB – Vault of Champions
    • BG – Undergrowth Stadium
    • UG – Rejuvenating Swamp
    • UR – Training Center
    • RW – Spectator Seating
  • No double faced cards (RIP double faced Werewolf legends


  • There is NO Vampire theme in this set 🙂
  • At least one Kithkin in Commander Legends
  • Prepare to ramp up in white!

Etched Foils

Etched foils are a new type of foil cards, and look pretty sweet if you ask me. They will primarily appear in the Collector Boosters, with a small chance of appearing in regular boosters.

Impact on other formats


  • Finally a common(ish) commander
  • Downshifts



Source: Gavin’s Twitter Thread, MTG Wiki, Reddit, Wizards.com

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