A Primer for Escape Room: The Game

Welcome into the escape room! You and your family or friends are locked up and you have to escape. It’s a matter of team-work, combining your brains and being creative is the only way to get out. It is an adventure where you have to resolve mysteries in order to find codes that will give you the keys to leave.

Escape Room is a board-game full of fun and mystery. It isn’t a game about winning or losing, but more about working together as a team. You have 60 minutes to escape, within that time, you have three to four parts. Each part in the game has its own keys that will lead you to your way out.

The game starts with an introduction, where it will be explained to you how the escape room works. You get different envelopes with attributes such as images, different words and maps. All these attributes will help you and your team to figure out the different codes that will lead you to find the right keys to proceed in the game. But be careful! Every time you use the wrong key, one minute will be subtracted of the time that you have.

During the game, the Chrono Decoder will count down from sixty to zero. Within that time, you have to escape. The decoder gives exciting background music, what will lock you from the outside world. Keep in mind, without the Chrono Decoder you won’t be able to leave the escape room. Not only it tells you how much time you have left, but it is also the biggest key in your getaway. Sometimes it gives you important information; other times you need to use it to decipher things.

Solving the mystery is self-explanatory, it is a matter of team-work and thinking outside of the box. It is a game you can play from your own living room. So no need to buy expensive tickets for a professional escape room. There are a bunch of different escape room games and expansion sets to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. Every game has its own unique adventure. There is even an Escape Room game for just two players, so you don’t have to gather together with a large group. It is a thrill to play and exciting. Are you done with the first game? Just move on to the next one and have some thrilling fun.

The different games vary on difficulty, starting with the base game. You need the base game because of the decoder that is essential to every following game. From there you move onto the next game “Prison Break”, that follows up with “Virus”, “Nuclear Countdown” and the most difficult game “Temple of the Aztec”. Each game has its own mystery to solve.

Do you dare to go on this adventure?

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