300 Piece Puzzles for Kids and Adults

So, it’s winter and you’re looking for a way to pass the time indoors. There are many puzzles for people of different ages and we are going to talk about them. We’re going to tell you how you can get the right one and list some 300-piece puzzles for you to look at.

Before we look at some 300-piece puzzles, let us first show you how to get the right one for your kid.

Puzzle types

There are two different puzzle types; jigsaw and inset. An inset one is made from wood and maybe foam sometimes. They have large pieces which don’t interlock like jigsaw puzzles. Also, an inset puzzle comes with a frame that you fit the pieces on. They are best for children of 4 or less.

Jigsaw puzzles, dissimilar from the inset ones, have interlocking pieces which come in different sizes and difficulties. It is best for you to get a jigsaw puzzle for kids above the age of toddlers since they aren’t as easy as inset puzzles. Click https://hobbylark.com/puzzles/Jigsaw-Puzzles-Game-Facts-Uses-and-History to know about the different types of puzzles.

The number of the puzzle pieces

A 5-year-old child can easily complete a puzzle with just 9 pieces in a minute or less. But puzzles with 400 pieces is above their skills. This shows how important it is to get the right number of jigsaw pieces for your child. Young kids normally require jigsaws with just a few pieces. But as they start growing up, they can assemble more complicated ones.

The theme

Some cartoon characters, puppies, or oceans scenes are some of the normal themes you see on puzzles. While a kid might like a butterfly theme, another might not like it at all. Now choosing the right theme will depend on the child’s age.

Your average pre-schooler will definitely pick a picture of a dragon or dinosaur over a desert landscape. But a 7-year-old might like more detailed themes such as seascapes and buildings. The perfect image can really motivate a child. It could even make the child work more to assemble something that’s a little bit above their level.

Size of the pieces

There are different jigsaw piece sizes. It is a well-known fact that the lower the child’s age, the bigger the jigsaw pieces should be. Bigger pieces are a lot easier for tiny hands to control. You may have come across some puzzle that say 3+, this is just because the pieces can choke toddlers or babies who like putting things in their mouths. Click here to learn more about which jigsaw is best for your child.


The major materials for making puzzles are foam, wood, and cardboard. Cardboard can easily tear, and even more so if it’s low quality. This can be annoying for smaller kids to use since the pieces do not stay well together.

Compared to the first material, foam stays in place and is easier for kids to interlock. But they aren’t recommended for ages 3 and down since they can be a choking hazard. Wooden ones are the best for young kids. However, you need to inspect them properly before handing them over to your child. If the edges of the puzzle haven’t been sanded properly, they can really be dangerous.

The puzzle’s shape

The usual shapes for jigsaw puzzles are circular and rectangular. However, there are still some that have their own unique shapes. Unless you are thinking of getting an inset puzzle, go with the traditional shapes for a little child.

A circular or rectangular shape will make it easy for them to predict where each piece should be while an irregular one will not. A non-traditional shape is better for older people since it makes it trickier and more interesting to complete.

300-piece puzzles

Now that we have talked about what type of puzzle will best suit your child, let us show you some interesting 300 piece puzzles you might want to consider…

Memory Lane Mountain Hideaway 300-piece puzzle

This is a beautiful 300-piece puzzle of a log cabin which is more than able to keep you entertained for hours. It has so many beautiful colours and is fun for kids and adults. It costs about $9.00 and has five-star ratings.

Masterpieces Playful Paws Camping Buddies 300-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This attractive picture of both cats and dogs can be entertaining for adults and older kids alike. It’s a colourful jigsaw that can keep you busy enough to forget about boredom. It costs about $10.30 and has five-star ratings.

Buffalo Games Autumn Traditions 300 Large Piece Puzzle

This 300-piece large piece jigsaw puzzle has a calm and attractive theme. This one is not at all suitable for small children as it can be a choking hazard. With the price at about $16.70, this is the most expensive of the bunch.


Since we have covered some very important bits, you can go on and use this information to find the right jigsaw puzzle. Just remember everything that was said and have fun with your puzzles.

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