Building an offline Momir Basic Cube

Momir Basic is a Magic: The Gathering format originating from Magic Online. It evolved around the Vanguard card for Momir Vigg, which states X, discard a card: Put a random token copy creature of mana value X into play. This is something that works excellent in an online format as basically the entire cardpool from…

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Foosball Table Buying Guide

Are you a fan of table football? This competitive game is fun for people of all ages. Therefore, many homeowners have decided to add a foosball table to their houses/apartments. Before making such a recreational investment, buyers need a breakdown of all the features. These tables can be bought in an array of types, sizes,…

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MTG Rumors! Dungeons & Dragons set

Update 26-05-2021: Leaked card telling us a bit more about the double-sided dungeon cards that are included in at least the Prerelease packs. Dungeons are double-faced cards. You get 3 of these per prerelease pack. I’m guessing there will be a randomized set of them to collect and play with, this is a ccg after all….

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