A romantic escape to the beautiful town of Brielle, the Netherlands

Endless flower fields, windmills, and unique wooden shoes. That is what usually comes to mind when we think about a holiday in the Netherlands. And the small town Brielle is not an exception, but it also has so much more to offer. Let us take you to trip through this cozy and romantic town. Are you ready to travel?

A windmill in Brielle

An unknown Fairy tale

Brielle is everything you could hope for an idyllic town in The Netherlands. There aren’t that many attractions or landmarks, but only walking around the city will take you a few days. Every home, building, and street are like straight from a Walt Disney movie. Red roofs and narrow streets. If walking around the city center is not enough for you, you will be charmed by the authentic nature and architecture around Brielle. As a seaport city, taking a scenic cruise is the right way to do sightseeing or even experience a little of Venice while you are here. Just rent a paddle boat and explore the canals. Making day trips to neighboring towns is also easy and who wouldn’t want to see the colorful flower fields in this part of the world?


The captivating history of Brielle

Walking around Brielle is enough to tell you something about its history. The first thing you will notice when arriving at Brielle is that it is surrounded by water. The old town itself is like a small island. The city of Brielle also called Den Briel started to grow after it became an important seaport city, and a place of trading with other countries in the Baltic Sea. Even now, after hundreds of years, people come to Brielle by boat and the global atmosphere gets mixed with small-town vibes. The best way to learn more about Brielle’s history is by paying a visit to their city museum. Even if you are not a fan of ancient history or stories behind the fairy tale, the city will still captivate your imagination and you be left mesmerized.

Where tradition meets fine Dutch Gastronomy

Foodies will be in heaven during their Brielle trip. Dutch foods, in general, have stolen many hearts and are well-known in Europe. Especially cheese and pastries are easy to find in the city of Brielle. The best way to explore this part of the culture is by walking around, spotting a café or restaurant, and trying some food you have never had. remember to find a table on the terrace, get comfortable, order a glass of rosé, beer or just a glass of champagne. Take out your book, close your eyes and be briefly immersed in your current surroundings and breathe. Now you can open your eyes and stare at the boats floating on the canals while watching the locals walk on the narrow streets. Brielle is surely the hidden gem of the Netherlands and its gastronomy will be the last cherry on the cake.


What else do you need? Pack your bags and let’s go explore the romantic city of Brielle!


Happy Traveling!


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